Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stan is 3!

What a fabulous day! We celebrated Stan's 3rd birthday today - some of us a 'leetle' bit tired from celebrating Nick's 40th last night! (Let's just say that going to bed at 3 and being woken at 6 is not ideal when planning for a houseful of 3 year old pirates!) But thanks to some great help from Aunty Jo we were ready for the invasion at 3pm of 5 small boys and a few other siblings to have a pirate tea party ( or if you are Stan that is a "poyrit" tea party - the East Kent accent is as strong as ever).
We had a very sedate present opening session after breakfast and he got some wonderful things

G gave him a new JCB lawnmower, he got the most amazing wooden truck from Pakistan, from Mum and Brian (pic to follow), which I had to put away when the hoardes came in-case it was over loved! Plus 2 new diggers from Raff. As each present was put before him he would say "wow, it's going to be a new Tonka Toy truck" - even if it was book shaped. He has a wonderful red tonka toy truck which he loves and so I asked him after the nth time of exclaiming "'s going to be be a TT truck" why he wanted another and he replied " so that Raff can have one". If that doesn't bring a tear to your eye then nothing will!

Later in the afternoon as the tide came up boats started to come past and each one was met by a barrage of "AAAGh", "load the canons", " give us your treasure" etc which was hilarious! We must be getting to be quite famous in the local boating community - last year it was Raff and his superhero party terrorising the boats.
Towards the end of the afternoon Michael had a Jackanory moment and had all of the children captivated as he read to them, aah!

Here are more pics!

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