Sunday, January 14, 2007

Longer Days

Having endured a week of absurdly storng winds and rain - we lost a couple of fence panels, today was gloriously sunny and calm. Raff had finaly made it to the final square of his star chart (slightly engineered by us obviously!), in which is a picture of a castle. So we headed off to Bodiam Castle which I feel sure I must have visited as a child as it is so close to Battle and not far from Wally Hall, but I don't remember it at all. It is however the perfect castle to take a knight obsessed boy to as it just looks so text book- moat, square plan with a tower on each corner, portcullis etc etc.

We had great fun climbing up and down the vertiginous spiral staircases and popped out of the tops of a few. I suddenly realised why Mum hated taking us up the Chateaux near Soulatge and it dawned on me that I am not sure I ever want to take the kids to Peyrepetreuse, my heart was in my mouth all the time and Bodiam has probably been thouroughly risk assessed and poses none whatsoever!


johnbro52 said...

I don't remember taking you there - maybe M&N. It is, as you say, picture book perfect. Reminds me of a toy castle kit I had as a lad.

Auntie Rosemary got over her fear of flying at 50 something. Why don't you try therapy?

johnbro52 said...

PS. Have just noticed that Georgia's feet are ideally placed to fit on both sides of Striding Edge (even in the fog). Where to next?

anne said...

what a lovely clear day . I never went but felt sure your granny took you all to the castle at some point on your exeats !
Well done rafferty to make the castle star...
much love mum