Saturday, December 02, 2006

December starts

It's the 2nd of December and the roses are blooming, nasturtiums going strong, geranium flowering for third time this year, not to mention a sunflower in Dot's garden surrounded by a sea of Larkspur. I still haven't planted my broad beans which I absolutely must do today, but am quite glad that I never planted any garlic, I think it would have rotted in the ground by now!
So I started my new job this week and it was truly baptism by fire. First day discovered boss is #**&&$$£!.
Stanley coped with his first week of not much Mum, although he was so shattered by Friday that we didn't get up to much (he wasn't the only one). I am going to have to be far more organised about boring domestic planning so that I can still give the kids decent attention at the end of the day. Getting the meals sorted for the first few days of the week and washing and ironing all done at the weekends - although Michael is going to be finishing early on a Monday so perhaps I can look forward to some of his cooking!


johnbro52 said...


I guesss 'rambling mum', 'working mum', and 'mum with a life' have all merged into one.

Glad the whole mum is still alive and out of the box. Sometime soon the family won't even realise you're not there. Bliss!

emmagee said...

didn't know you had been looking in on those!